DORIS TATE (unpublished play)

August 9, 2019 will be the fiftieth anniversary of the
Manson murder spree that claimed the lives of seven,
including actress Sharon Tate and her unborn baby. One
would assume that the world has heard all there is to know
about the crime and it’s historic trial. Yet few know the
story of Sharon’s mother, Doris Tate. Stricken by grief,
she took asylum in her bedroom for years medicating herself
into fevered hallucinations. Doris finds solace and counsel
interacting with visions of Sharon, yet wrestles with
perceptions of her killers: Charles Manson, Susan Atkins,
and Tex Watson. Doris Tate eventually turns her grief into
activism by getting involved with the passage of Prop. 8,
and becomes the first Californian to make a Victim Impact
Statement on behalf of her daughter. She devotes the rest
of her life advocating and legislating for other crime
victims and their families. DORIS TATE is a dramatization
of grief and grit that is long overdue.
This play calls for twelve actors.

DORIS TATE was workshopped and given it's first public reading at 

Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, PA in March, 2017.