SIU-C LGBTQ History Month

If you had told me when I graduated Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1988 that I would be asked by the university LGBTQ center to do an event on campus as the author of One Gay American …I would have never believed it.

There wasn’t even an LGBTQ center on campus when I was a student there.

There was no “LBGTQ History Month” in America in 1988.

Me having the courage to have my name on a book called One GAY American and sharing my stories of growing up queer to a room full of people would have seemed preposterous.

But it happened in 2013.

I was so proud to see about fifty attentive people at my lecture on the evening of October 9. I was also pleased that the Student Center bookstore had many copies of Shorn: Toys to Men and One Gay American on hand for me to sign after the reading.

Of all the readings and events I have done, this one grabbed my heart.


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