Short Film Adaptation of SHORN: TOYS TO MEN

I recently discovered that a small fetish film company in Chicago called Bondage Barber did their own short screen adaptation of my first book Shorn: Toys to Men …without my permission or knowledge. This film version is entitled No Love Lost.

I have never met the owner or corresponded with him. I have, however, bought a couple of his other movies.

I was flattered, but the proper way to do such a project is to ask for permission. I contacted my publisher, Coffeetown Press, and we decided not to freak out about it, but to issue a stern warning. The movie is at least some free publicity toward the niche market.

The guy who plays me in No Love Lost is kind of a hoot. He’s way slicker than I ever was. Here is the trailer to his movie of my book:

Me and Dave at Bondage Barber have come to an agreement.

I think (hope) he learned his lesson.

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