Gay Stereotypes, Anyone

You don’t write a book called ONE GAY AMERICAN and expect to not get some flack.

I just refused my first interview to promote my books. The host of a legit book review site sent me a list of questions that I felt were just too ignorant and insulting …and then admitted that she hadn’t read my books.

I am prepared to answer tough questions about my lifestyle. If she had read my books she would have plenty of unflattering things about me to pick apart. Instead, the interviewer went for gay stereotypes.

I thought I was being punked.

Here are her questions:

Hi Dennis, I have a few questions on my mind that need answered.

1. How do you feel about revealing it all and being so opened about your sexual preference?

2. Why do you feel that you have to justify who you love when heterosexuals don’t have that need?

3. It is said that we, the consumers, owe it all to homosexuals’ ability to create and design fashion, in your opinion, why are they so gifted?

4. Do you feel that if “paraphilia” was not mostly associated with homosexuality you would have lived a better life with someone of your choice, another man?

5. Why do homosexuals choose drugs so much? What are they escaping from? They have their partner and most of the time, they are not faithful. So why not just call yourself a playboy?

6. When women are looking for advice why do you think they prefer the answers coming from a homosexual and not from their own husbands or friends/family?

7. I did not read your book but I know someone, his name is Paul, who would love to read it I’m sure. He just found love, David. I sent them a song on Facebook, “Love is in the Air” Hope this one lasts. What do you do on your days off?

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