A Robinson, Illinois Bully Comes Around

A few months ago, I took some heat for standing up for gay rights on my hometown Facebook page (Robinson Insider). A few Sullivan, Indiana folks decided a second, “straight only” prom should happen on behalf of their local high school and I voiced my opinion. The debate about the prom was a scapegoat for the bigger issue of same sex marriage.

Currently, it seems Robinson, Illinois is at least divided on gay rights …which is better than it was when I used to left there in the 80’s.

I wrote a blog entry on this page about it last February.

I was recently given an assignment for The Good Men Project to write about someone perhaps changing their opinion about gay marriage.

The pieces all fit together for me to write “A Bully Comes Around”.

I am honored that The Good Men Project chose to publish it.


check out a article in response to my essay:

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