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This is the exciting email I got today:

Dear Bay Laurel Contributors,

Good afternoon! I just wanted to let you all know, in case you didn’t already, that our Winter 2012 Issue is up on the web! Thank you for your hard work, your artistry, your talent, and just generally being great. This is a wonderful group of writers, and we look forward to seeing a lot more of your work in the future. Congrats, and have a wonderful holiday season!


Timothy Connor Dailey
Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Bay Laurel

I wrote several short stories last winter and started circulating four of the best ones for publication last summer. You can read them at:

My short stories GRADE BOOKS and MY COUSIN DEBORAH were selected by a new online poetry and prose site called Bay Laurel: a reader that publishes previously rejected stories and poems. They want work that has been passed by at least two times. Both of my stories had been rejected by various sites twice. I had to list the publications that rejected the stories first for their consideration.

I am thrilled that these stories were not rejected by Bay Laurel.

Despite them being submitted as fiction, they are somewhat true stories of growing up in Robinson, Illinois.

The story of GRADE BOOKS was part of the early drafts of SHORN: TOYS TO MEN. I cut the chapter out of the book because it didn’t really work with the paraphilia theme. I reworked the chapter into one of my favorite short stories I have ever written.

MY COUSIN DEBORAH was submitted for a while under a different title. It is based on a true event between me and my birth mother. It is interesting to write a piece of fiction from the perspective of my birth mother: yet the story is true–I am Deborah.

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