SHORN in The Advocate

If you are not gay then you might not know the international gay magazine, The Advocate.

If you are gay, then you probably know that it is pretty important. It has been around the longest of any A list gay magazine in history. You used to be able to buy it in stores, but now you can only get it by subscription and via the internet. It used to be the only gay magazine that wasn’t porn when I was coming out of the closet.

I write about first buying The Advocate while living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in Shorn: Toys to Men.

There were 23 “overlooked” books in the online edition of The Advocate. Only 11 appear in the print version of the issue and Shorn is one of them. 

It is a way different experience to SEE and HOLD the magazine than post and share a link.

They didn’t do a formal review, but to even get a mention for a first published book is kind of a personal big deal.

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