New York Journal of Books review of SHORN

My first A-List national review came in today from New York Journal of Books.

“Mr. Bensie’s decision to focus his memoir nearly exclusively on his sexual demons makes Shorn, on the one hand, a frank discussion of behaviors that few have ever discussed so honestly, and, on the other, an uncomfortable read. Mr. Bensie bares all and dares the reader to deal with it.”

It is not a fantastic review, but I respect the reviewers opinion. He did have some praise sprinkled throughout. It could have been a lot worse.

I am so thrilled to have gotten the review in the first place. I am a first time writer; I am not famous; and was published by a small (but mighty) independent publisher. Plus the subject matter of homosexuality, mental illness, and sexual deviance certainly took Mr. Michael Adelberg on an uncomfortable ride he probably had never been on before. Looking at his credentials, I would assume my book would not be his first choice to curl up by the fireplace with. It is a hard sell since it is a memoir and my story isn’t a feel-good story. But I think he was fair since we perhaps clash genres a bit.

I await The Advocate’s review, and still have my fingers crossed for some kind of exposure from the LAMBDA Literary Awards and the Stonewall Book Awards.

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