Permission to Reprint SHORN

A Graduate Research Assistant from Arizona State University’s School of Social Work contacted Coffeetown Press in early July on behalf of Professor Craig Winston LeCroy asking permission to to use six pages of Shorn: Toys to Men in his upcoming text book due to be released in March of 2012. LeCroy has already published several books in his field.

The book is entitled First Person Accounts of Mental Illness.

Mental Illness.

…Mental …Illness.

Does it have to be in the title?

The section of my book he has chosen to use is when I am literally about to self destruct; I was putting myself in great danger and was mentally unstable. The chapter is “The Triangle”, pages 223-229.

I am honored that LeCroy has read and chosen to use part of my book in his text book. My whole purpose in writing the book was to help others. His book will have a first print run of 3500, and Coffeetown Press has negotiated author and publisher credit for us. His usage could really help book sales and get the word out about the little documented psychological condition of paraphilia.

I am proud of the work I have done on Shorn: Toys to Men, but am often reminded that I didn’t write a popular, feel-good book. It has been a hard sell to get people to read or review Shorn. Still, I believe in my book and keep promoting it as best as I can. I stick with it because I know when I was beginning to fall apart in my early 20’s, I would have found great comfort in reading a book that shed light on my situation. There was nothing out there for people with paraphilia: a term only widely used since around 1980. Knowing that I wasn’t the only one in the world with unusual or dangerous sexual desires could have saved me years of heartache and pain. Perhaps a book like mine would have inspired me to seek help sooner.

The reviews I have garnered of Shorn have been pretty good. I find the people who withhold from the the book are those that know me personally. I am sure it hard to know what to say to your friend, the author of such a book. More than one friend has told me they found it very difficult (emotional) to read. Others say little or nothing, yet acknowledge that they have read it. A few have consciously chose not to read the book at all. I respectfully take all reactions (and non-reactions) to Shorn as earnest.

I must own my mental illness and stand with people like me. I will gladly take a place in First Person Accounts of Mental Illness. I will strive to put a honest face out there for those who need help. Hopefully Craig Winston LeCroy’s book will reach others where Shorn alone cannot reach.

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