The book has been formatted and finalized. It will be printed next week and distributed to people to review before it’s release in December.
Here are a few facts about the book:
The finished book will measure 6” x 9”.
It will first be released in paperback.
It has 265 pages with 48 chapters.
There are 30 pictures (or sets of pictures) included in the book. All the pictures will be black and white.
The pictures you see on this blog are not all necessarily in the book, and there are pictures in the book that are not included in this blog.
There were approximately 15 drafts of the book between 2000 and 2010.
The word count of the draft I gave the publisher was 82,754.
I use the word BARBIE 47 times in the book.
I use the word HAIRCUT 231 times in the book.
To my knowledge, approximately 20 people have read the whole book before it went to print.
The earliest reference in book is 1939, the latest reference is July 18, 2010.
There are approximately 60 characters in the book; all of them are real people from my life (except for my imaginary personality, Stefeny Calvert), but only a third of them are the real people’s names.
Eleven characters in the book are my friend on Facebook (I hope to keep all of them).
Nine of the characters in the book are in my cell phone right now.
There are eight mental health professionals who are characters in the book.
There are five teachers/instructors and three theatre directors who are characters in the book.
The book takes place in Illinois, North Carolina, Washington and California, with references to six other states.
There are five colleges/universities mentioned throughout the book.
There are:
29 play titles listed
9 movie titles listed
9 celebrities who are still alive referenced
6 book titles listed
6 television shows and it’s characters referenced
4 songs and the song artists referenced
1 comic book and it’s characters referenced
There are no dogs in the book; just one unlucky cat.
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